October 2013 – Detailed Analysis of the State of Victoria Export Performance.

In the second half of 2013 TradeData was involved in a detailed analysis of Australian and more particularly the State of Victoria export performance. TradeData worked under contract to the Victorian Institute of Strategic Economic Studies (Victorian University) and undertook this consultancy for the Victorian Government’s Department of Business, Innovation and State Development. TradeData’s role was twofold:

  1. Analyses separately Victorian and Australian exports in 60 selected products. This analysis included:
    1. Document Victoria’s and Australia’s exports over time and estimate activities of major firms involved in the export trade;
    2. Graphically display export trends by destination country;
    3. For the major destination markets graphically display Australian and Victorian exports compared to competitor countries in those markets;
    4. Provide a written commentary on the above.
  2. For 30 nominated countries analyse Victoria’s top ten exports to those countries and display:
    1. Australian and Victorian exports to the country across ten nominated products;
    2. The nominated country’s imports of the ten selected products and Australia’s (and Victoria’s) share of their import market;
    3. Provide a written commentary on the above.

This project was successfully undertaken and provided the Government of Victoria a wealth of information to underpin their export promotion, analysis and other activities.