Special Studies

Firms, NGOs, Regional and National Government agencies have a focus on economic development activities often with an export objective. At TradeData we have undertaken hundreds of studies over the past 20 years for these organisations. For firms, we are able to:

  • Analyse competitor activities in current or new potential markets;
  • Search the globe for new potential export opportunities;
  • Assess recent historical firm performance relative to the performance of the sector;  and
  • Quantify market entry conditions and thus assist the firm in developing a market entry or export strategy.

For government we can assist firms like that listed above and can also assess overseas markets strategically. Governments:

  • Often target selected overseas markets for export promotion. Sometimes they will appoint an overseas representative to promote local firms export capabilities in these overseas markets. We can assist by providing detailed market analysis of most countries around the world on a very specific product by product basis; or

  • Sometimes take firms on overseas export promotion trips. For these sorts of activities we can assist in assessing the market opportunities for the firms prior to them travelling.

TradeData has undertaken many studies working with local, regional and national government agencies assisting small, medium and large sized firms identify new potential export markets, and develop strategies/plans to enter those markets. Many companies are now exporting for the first time because of these studies. For International Economic Development Agencies TradeData has also undertaken a large number of global trade analyses; specific product or sector analyses – for major international development agencies like the Asian Development Bank, Swiss Contact, International Finance Corporation, World Bank, AusAID, and Australian Centre for International Agricultural Research and others.   These studies usually focus on an analysis of the world market and analysing the developing countries role in that market in very specific products. The purpose of these studies is to understand the dynamics of the world market and advice how a country may change their product mix and or strategy to increase the average value and volume of their exports. This work usually involves TradeData working jointly with individual industry participants and the international development agencies. TradeData has undertaken these sorts of studies in Indonesia, Philippines, Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Malaysia, Vietnam, Pakistan and elsewhere. These studies have centred on a wide range of products from agriculture, food, textiles, clothing and footwear, machinery, chemicals rubber and plastics and so on. For further information please click here to email us