Export to or import from Australia/Indonesia

Export to or Import from Australia or Indonesia? TradeData has been operating in Australia since 1995 and in Indonesia since 1997. TradeData can actively assist companies to enter the Indonesian or Australian markets. TradeData can assist firms looking to export to Indonesia/Australia for the first time or to import from Australia/Indonesia for the first time. TradeData’s capabilities centre on:

  1. Initial market Research.TradeData’s analysis and assessment techniques will help quantity and understand market characteristics? The initial market research should cover issues like:
  • Market Size, growth characteristics, market segments, demographics, regional distribution, demand determinants, future growth prospects and so on;
  • Competitors – both local and foreign – by market segments and by region – where are they located and how do they operate;
  • Import restrictions, tariffs, quotas, regulations, customs and port clearances;
  • Current distribution channels; and
  • Buyers/sellers – types and description. Who are the likely buyers/sellers and cultural factors – how to approach and negotiate with them.

The conclusion of the market research should be to determine if there is a potential trade opportunity – define the opportunity and assess the cost/risks of pursuing the opportunity.     

  1. In Country Visits.No company should enter international trade in/out of Australia/Indonesia in any volumes without first visiting buyers/sellers in country. TradeData can play a role in:
  • Identifying potential buyers or sellers, distributors, agents and arranging both parties to meet; and
  • Assisting in client background briefings and in contract negotiations.

TradeData can organise appointments, assist client to attend trade shows, and attend all meetings with our client.  

If exporting/importing  to/from Australia/Indonesia is an option you wish to examine for further information please call us on +61 3 97857977 or email us from the form below.

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